Advantages Of Tilt Tray Truck Over Regular Towing Trucks


If you need to move a severely damaged vehicle or other heavy machinery like farm equipment, then hiring a tilt tray truck makes sense. As the name implies, a tilt tray truck has a flatbed that can be tilted to touch the ground and to load bulky items easily for transportation. These are considered to be much better than a regular tow truck for towing damaged vehicles as they are loaded onto the flatbed of the truck and not dragged on two wheels. Several companies like Gecko Logistics Group offer these professional services at a competent rate. According to tilt tray trucks are more expensive than towing trucks but worth the extra money you pay when you consider some of the benefits they offer.

We have put together a list of advantages of tilt tray trucks over towing trucks to help you take an informed decision when you need to hire a towing service.

Passenger transport
If your vehicle met with an unfortunate accident, you always have the option of calling a towing company to come and tow your vehicle to a service center or your home. But the passengers in that vehicle would be left stranded. But, a tilt tray truck has seating capacity for many people. This is particularly advantageous when you are stuck somewhere away from the city with little choices for transportation in adverse weather conditions. You can go in the truck along with your vehicle to the auto repair shop.

Safer option
A tilt tray truck provides a more secure way to transport your already damaged vehicle which is vulnerable to more damages while being dragged on its hind wheels with the two front wheels suspended. Since it is carried to the repair shop on the flatbed, the condition of the vehicle will not deteriorate any further. It also provides better safety to the other road users than regular towing. A tilt tray truck driver is less prone to accidents that happen due to blocked rear view. The swaying experienced while towing heavy vehicles that poses a risk to the other motorists on the road can also be avoided by using tilt tray trucks.

Less time needed
In many cases, the vehicle might have gone off the road and would be in a very precarious position. Getting them attached to an ordinary tow truck will turn out to be an extraordinary task. But, with a tilt tray truck all you need to do is adjust the tray to ensure an easy shifting of the vehicle onto the flatbed of the truck. The time required to load the vehicle onto the truck would be considerably reduced because of this.

The benefits of using a tilt tray truck far outweigh an ordinary tow truck. The extra expense incurred can be considered as the price you pay for your peace of mind. While having a damaged vehicle can be a frustrating situation all by itself, there is no need to add insult to injury by getting a bad towing service too.