Flight Attendant – Advantages Of The Job

Flight Attendant

Flight Attendants are the first thing that comes to mind when you think about an airline. How they treat passengers. How helpful were they, these are the things that come to mind. Have you ever thought of the life of a flight attendant? What do they get from this job? The pay scale of flight attendant is different from the pilots. As per thetravelacademy.com, the salary of the flight attendant is according to the number of hours they have worked.

A flight attendant’s job is the one which gets thousands of application from worldwide every single year. But is this the actual life of a flight attendant. Like any other jobs, the flight attendant job has also got its advantages and drawbacks.

The flight attendants get free housing in the country where the flight is actually from. The company provides an apartment which is fully furnished with all the utilities and internet. You can have the tag of the company wherever you go which may give to special attention. However, once you start getting higher ranks then the facility will not be given.

The official tag of the flight can get you many discounts while you are shopping and also if you plan to stay in a hotel all the expenses will come from the company accounts. That includes your taxi charge and other miscellaneous expenses too. Be it a sporting event or a branded gym access, the company will get it done for you.

If you want to enhance a talent you have, the company will help you in getting the proper training. Many airline companies offer different training for the personal development of their flight attendants. Some airline gives makeup tutorial while others give you training in wine and cheese pairing. You can use these skills to delight the passengers.

The major advantage of this job is you will get to travel to many places and do shopping in different countries. A major portion of these expenses will be bear by the company. Now, who does not want to enjoy at the company’s expenses? Isn’t it?

Having said about the advantages, there is a drawback too for this job. Nonstop work is in the kitty of every flight attendant. Making the passengers sit at the right place, keeping the baggage correctly etc may sound easy but is one of the biggest jobs one has to do. If you opt for an 80-hour job, in that 80 hours you will not get any time for social life as the work will be hectic at that time.

When this happens you will be sometimes forgetting your loved one’s birthday or any other special day. These things may affect you personally, however you are trained to put a smile on and do the duty. Your salary depends on the time you choose to work. Flight attendant job is as difficult as any other job. However, if you have passion towards customer service and travel, then flight attendant is the best job to take up.